About Us

IGNITE WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT started as a one day breakfast event and morphed into a 3 day movement for women of all ages and stages who desire to be empowered in every aspect of their lives.

The Engagement

IGNITE is the place where women get connected, inspired and engaged with a community of like-minded women who desire more!

The Encounter

IGNITE is the place where women can expect a God encounter to happen in every workshop, service, and conversation!

The Experience

IGNITE is the place where like-minded women come for a refreshing, reenergizing

Founder - Rev. Niki Brown

Preacher, Author, Entrepreneur, Therapist, Life Coach and Relationship Expert, NIKI is a life leader who embodies and teaches the philosophy that trapped within every woman is the ability to create her own doorway to greatness and success.

Known for her high-impact and dynamic teaching style, Niki Brown is a highly sought after speaker, preacher, author, therapist, and life strategist who for over 20 years has motivated women to transition out of their “limited thinking” into “progressive living.”

As a result of her own spiritual journey and life transformation, Niki has connected her passion and purpose in establishing IGNITE Women’s Empowerment Summit which is galvanizing women for destiny through yearly summits, leadership development, strategic coaching, and events that create intentional opportunities to have a God-encounter.

To date, thousands of women around the country have experienced a life change through Niki’s empowerment strategies, life coaching principles, motivational preaching and seminars.

Niki is the author of, There Is More! 8 Steps To Embracing The Greater You and her Upcoming release, Audacity to Leap.