IGNITE Women’s Empowerment is a faith based community for women of all ages and stages to be empowered in every aspect of their life. 

Whether it be in their business, profession, finances, ministry, relationships or personal life, we create a space for women to activate their God-given potential and purpose.



As a Life Strategist and Leader, Niki Brown has one mission: to empower women to breakthrough their limitations, discover their greatness, and become more.

As the Founder and Host of the IGNITE Women’s Empowerment Summit, Niki is a life leader who embodies and teaches the philosophy that trapped within every woman is the ability to create her own doorway to greatness and success.

For more than 20 years, Niki has inspired women to transition out of their “limited thinking” into “progressive living.” 

Known for her high-impact and dynamic teaching style, Niki is a Master’s level counselor, certified life coach, ordained minister, and the author of, There Is More! 8 Steps To Embracing The Greater You and the upcoming release, Audacity to Leap.

Niki is married to her best friend Harold and reside in North Carolina with their daughter, Myka Simone.