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Conference Overview

IGNITE Women's Empowerment Summit is the place where women come from all ages and stages of life to refocus on their dreams and purpose, develop meaningful connections with like-minded women, and re-energize their spirits to create momentum in every area of their lives.

Niki Brown is the Visionary and Founder of this annual event which draws hundreds of women from the Delaware Valley. Having a passion to create a conference which delivers high energy spiritual impact and practical life application, IGNITE provides a dynamic environment for women to be empowered in their business, profession,
personal and spiritual life.

As part of this event, IGNITE features dynamic speakers who are experts in the areas of business, finance, personal, professional and spiritual development.



Here is what people are saying about IGNITE Women's Empowerment Summit
  • <font color="#ffffff">- Dr. Joyce Wilkerson</font>
    The IGNITE Conference since its inception has IGNITED me personally to come out of box of the paradigm of my own self to do more and be better. It has been cutting edge, innovative, empowering, powerful and the sisterhood has been phenomenal. The speakers each year have come packed and loaded with a plethora of wealth to empower you for change. This conference is Power Packed with a Punch to IGNITE you to the fullest and cause you to SOAR in your Destiny.
    <font color="#ffffff">- Dr. Joyce Wilkerson</font>
    Recovering Life Ministry
  • <font color="#ffffff">- Faith Brown</font>
    My IGNITE experience provoked confidence for me to bravely walk through my open door. I am enjoying a life full of God's promises that I am willing embracing! You have told me for years "There is MORE", I am living it!. My soul screams Hallelujah... I am more Blessed because of your obedience to God. I love and appreciate you.
    <font color="#ffffff">- Faith Brown</font>
  • <font color="#ffffff">- Kellee Fearon</font>
    The IGNITE conference has been life changing for me from being an attendee to now Workshop Presenter, I’m forever grateful to Rev. Brown for the opportunity and reigniting my dreams. The greatest reward however is the the blessing of elevating, empowering, and highlighting so many gifted, talented, and spirit filled beautiful women!
    <font color="#ffffff">- Kellee Fearon</font>
    Recovering Life Ministry
  • <font color="#ffffff">- Renee Jackson</font>
    The first time I attend IGNITE after grinding for years to raise my boys and recover from a broken marriage, my insides were hardened with rejection and pain. The sisterly love, raw laughter, special words personally received, and the fellowship GAVE ME LIFE when living was too difficult. This 2 day encounter was pivotal and changed my heart! Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my first thought was will this interfere with me attending IGNITE? I remember counting the recovery time from my surgery until the conference. I spoke with my Dr. to get approval because I knew I needed to be there. I needed to pull away and hear what God was saying. IGNITE was my Damascus road. It was power and healing for me! It encouraged me through my treatment and recovery. It gave me strength before going back to the battlefield. GOD DID A TOTAL MAKEOVER on me! My heart, mind and rejected soul was IGNITED and healed. I’m working my business, operating in ministry all while LOVING LIFE AND LIVING AGAIN!
    <font color="#ffffff">- Renee Jackson</font>
  • <font color="#ffffff">- Hawa Johnson</font>
    What can I say??? IGNITE!!!!! The name speaks for itself! This is more than a conference for me. This is more than an encounter for me. It is a MOVE of God. IGNITE lit my flame at a time where I had become stagnant and stale in my ministry, purpose, and relationship with God. It MOVED me from that place of stagnancy to progression in God. It IGNITED my hunger for MORE and gave me access to believe for more, see more, and launch out for more in God! I am advancing in God and am not looking back. I am IGNITED!
    <font color="#ffffff">- Hawa Johnson</font>




  • 2-Day Access to all General & Breakout Sessions
  • Conference Materials
  • All Payments Are Non-Refundable, but Transferable




  • 2-Day Access to Vending Space at IGNITE 2020
  • One 6ft. Table with 1 Chair.
  • All Vendors will Be Located in the Lower Level of Doubletree.
  • PLEASE NOTE: vending registration excludes meals and attendance to IGNITE.
  • All Payments Are Non-Refundable -But Transferrable

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